Habitat for Humanity
ReStore Now Offering Custom Cabinets!
Alex, Communications Manager, Fort Collins, CO
12 October 2017
Habitat for Humanity of Colorado, in partnership with the vocational cabinet shop at Crowley County Correctional facility, provides quality, affordable cabinets for Habitat Homes while teaching inmates a new trade. Now you can get these beautiful, affordable custom built cabinets for your home!

Every cabinet is built to order, so we can accommodate custom sizes and special requests. Please note, we do not have stock cabinets available–each order will be designed based on customer’s measurements and needs.

Contact us with any cabinet questions at  jkissell@habitatstore.org or call us at 970-488-2700.

Sizing Overview:

  • Cabinets are generally sold in 3” increments as standard sizes:
    • 12”, 15”, 18” etc.
  • However, we can build them to any size in 1” increments.
    • 12”13”14” etc.


HFHC Prison Partnership cabinets are built to standard specifications:

  • All plywood and hardwood construction.(We do not use particle board)
  • All frames are 3/4” hardwood, glued and screwed together with concealed fasteners.
  • Cabinet sides, bottoms, end panels, and shelves are all 1/2” plywood.
  • All cabinets have finished sides so no finished end panels are necessary.
  • Hanging rails and bracing are solid hardwood.
  • Doors are all 3/4” hardwood raised panels.
  • Drawer boxes are all 5/8” hardwood with dovetailed corner joints.

Please note: This partnership is for cabinetry only. We do not provide countertops or installation.


Ready to get started? Download the cabinet catalogue and order form below. We’ve also included some resources to help you with your measurements. 

Cabinet Guidlines

Layout Grids

We Build Catalog

Order Form

Click here to access Habitat Colorado’s online, interactive page for more detailed catalog information.