Here at Fort Collins Habitat, we are blessed to have amazing faith partners that fully support our mission in all of its forms. For one local partner, Plymouth Congregational UCC, that included sending a team of members to work on a disaster recovery build in Sebring, Florida. Fort Collins Habitat is honored to partner with the Sebring affiliate to send multiple volunteer teams to support their recovery efforts after Hurricane Irma, and Plymouth’s team wonderfully represented our city on their trip. Below are some reflections from trip leaders Rev. Jake Joseph and Lynn Wartgow, who also shared their story on the Plymouth blog. 

From Jake:

Plymouth Congregational UCC sent its first official team on an International Build to Sebring, Florida last week. As the last officially scheduled visiting volunteer group to go to this Central Florida location before the autumn (when it cools off again), we felt an increased sense of purpose and persistence. Painting and flooring a house built on a floating foundation in the sand was a new experience for our volunteers. More than anything, we learned about the ongoing need that sets into disaster-impacted regions years after the initial rush of help comes. When the news changes subjects, it is Habitat that stays for the long haul…bringing with it the love of the Christian community and missional vocation. -The Rev. Jake Miles Joseph, Plymouth UCC

From Lynn:

This trip met and exceeded my expectations. I love working with Habitat and I still find it surprising that I get moved to tears over this work. We were at dinner at church Monday night and met a partner family and Sebring Habitat’s recruitment specialist. After speaking with these two ladies, I felt totally engulfed in the love, respect and pride these people have for one another and their community. The tears just started flowing… Sometimes I wish that I wouldn’t get so emotional with this sort of work, but I am grateful that I do. The team that I was a part of amazed me. Everyone got along, worked hard, had fun and was incredibly timely. 

If you are interested in participating in a Sebring trip, please contact Erika at 970-488-2606 to learn more.