Habitat for Humanity

New Pricing Roll Out at the Habitat ReStore

Rae, Blogger, Fort Collins, CO

January 24, 2020

Look for these NEW SIGNS all around the store!

This February the Fort Collins Habitat ReStore will begin using a new discounting system.  No longer will we have a 20% discount level.  Once an item has been here a month it will be discounted directly to 25% off and then thirty days later that tag will be discounted to 50%.  This reduces the time it takes for items to reach the half-off mark.

Look for the discount tag signs all around the store, each area should have a sign visible.

Once February starts the current orange price tags will be 25% off and Green tags will be 50% off. 

In March the yellow tags will roll over to 25% off and the orange tags will move to 50% off.

And finally in April the green tags will go to 25% off and the yellow  tags will become 50% off.

Then we start the whole rotation over again.

This new pricing system will remove a whole month from our discount rotation.  We hope to give our customers a more satisfying experience as well as allowing us to move inventory more quickly and accept more donations.  Come and check out the new system today!